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My Epson Printer Is Not Feeding Glossy Paper or Photo Paper

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Posted on: 12/18/17

Rarely do we come across such Epson printer users who complain that they are not able to print anything on glossy sheet. The problem can basically happen for two reasons, mostly it happens when the printer is not able to take up the weight of the paper, or the overall thickness exceeds the ability of the printer. Another reason for this issue is that your printer roller is too dirty or worn out. In such case the printer roller is not able to take proper grip of the paper. You can find the solution for this problem at Epson Printer Technical Contact Number UK via printer technician.

You need to check your printer specification for the GSM, most printers accommodate photo papers up to 280 GSM. If you are using heavier weight paper then please check your printer specification and if needed change it, you can also try to clean the paper feeding roller with the help of acetone or white spirit to improve the roller performance. You can try putting pressure on roller by inserting some ordinary sheets or push the photo paper gently and evenly in the roller to print. In case, still you are having issue with it or you need assistance to change printer specifications then feel free to connect with our printer experts at Epson Printer Help Desk Number UK 0808-238-7544. Your all queries will be answered at this platform.


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